Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Καλώς Ορίσατε, 歡迎光臨…


Entry to this museum is free for reasons you’ll soon discover.

My name’s Joseph Deeney and in this museum & gallery blog I hope to be entertaining, insightful, and urbane. However, I expect to be brash, tin-eared, and nonsensical.

Suggested donation: £1m.

I may return to previously reviewed sites for exhibitions, refurbishments, or sudden changes of heart. I also aim to take all my own photographs within reason (I can’t account for heavy-handed security or being forgetful) and will try my utmost to be as varied in museum theme and location as possible. This might be difficult as I live in London and there’s a lot to get through.

Anyway, I’m delighted you’re here.

Please don’t leave me.