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Joedeenian Rhapsody – 5, 6, & 7. Angus Dunican – Doctor Who

I’m not a fan of Doctor wHo, but Angus Dunican definitely is. He take us on an interstellar journey of…

Joedeenian Rhapsody – 4. Edmund Davis – The Golden Age of Action Movies

This time, director Edmund Davis takes a sideways glance at the genre of movies he and other idiots love so…

The Hand of Pod – Joedeenian Rhapsody Unveiling

Friends, Romans, Lovers, lend me your ears. I went did a new podcast. It’s called “Joedeenian Rhapsody” (that’s a link,…

Joedeenian Rhapsody 3. Patrick Lappin – British Sitcoms In Which The Titles Were Devised First

Joedeenian Rhapsody 2. Lola Oseni – Post Apocalypse

Joedeenian Rhapsody 1. Jim Campbell – Beatles Conspiracies

Shakespeare’s Birthplace ****- Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

4th August 2017 – £26.25 (for three sites) Joined by Sinead Flament “Eat a crocodile?” Hamlet, Act 2 Scene Something You…

Hokusai Beyond the Great Wave ** @ The British Museum – London, UK

Saturday 1st July 2017 – £13 Joined by Sinead Flament So that’s his name! To say I’ve seen that print…

Joe does the Magnificent 7 – No. 1: Brompton Cemetery

Joerassic Park

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